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Wordcraft adopts Swing

Wordcraft International, developers of DryFire, the world's leading simulator for clay and game shooters, has selected Swing as the basis for their new product: "Swing For Shooters".

Swing For Shooters enables shooters to practice their gun movement at home, in the warm and dry. It provides accurate targets following exactly the same angular trajectories and at exactly the same angular speed as real clays outdoors.

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Swing is an Arduino-based two dimensional laser movement controller using servo motors.

Kit contents

  • Metal enclosure. Bubble level on top, tripod bush in the base.
  • Bracket to hold vertical servo motor.
  • Bracket to hold laser.
  • Electronics PCB.
  • Laser diode.
  • 2m USB cable for connecting to laptop/PC or for charging.
  • Four stick-on rubber feet.
  • Two HiTec HS-322HD servo motors. (See note above)
  • 16340 (RCR-123) 3.7V 700mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. (See note above)
  • Nuts, bolts and spacers for assembly.