SmartAngle® Support

Further support

Before contacting us, if your problem is not dealt with below, please check:

Please ensure that you have the latest version of the app before contacting us.

When contacting us we need to know:

  • Your email address so we can respond to your question or let you know when a problem is fixed.
  • The make and model of the phone or tablet you are using. E.g. Tesco Hudl2.
  • The version of iOS (V11 or later) or Android (V5.1 or later) installed on your phone or tablet.
  • The version of the SmartAngle app you are using - this is shown at the bottom of the screen that appears when you display the menu from the SmartAngle app.
  • The symptoms you are seeing.

    Best of all: please try to provide a sequence of actions ("Do this .. then this .. then this .. then this happens") that will enable us to reproduce the problem - that way we can fix it quickly.

App will not start or "SmartAngle is not responding" is displayed

Check that Bluetooth is enabled from the iOS or Android settings screen.

No voice messages or warning tones

Check that you have the volume turned up and the speaker symbol (top left of the SmartAngle app screen) is not crossed out. Tap to enable, tap to disable.

App says "Starting ..." but never says "Connecting ..."

Check that you have:

  • enabled Bluetooth from the settings screen on your phone/tablet,
  • pressed the button on the front of SmartAngle.

The right hand LED on SmartAngle will flash quickly, twice per second, while it is "advertising". During this time it is continuously sending out a message saying "I am here and I am SmartAngle."

This should be picked up by the iOS or Android Bluetooth system. You can check this by returning to the Bluetooth settings screen - you should see "SmartAngle" listed as a Bluetooth device.

The app cannot start connecting until SmartAngle is "seen" by iOS or Android.

If SmartAngle is not seen by iOS or Android:

  • Ensure that the SmartAngle app is not running - swipe it to close it down.
  • Turn Bluetooth off from the settings screen.
  • Wait for SmartAngle to stop flashing the right hand LED.
  • Restart Bluetooth from the settings screen.
  • Press the button on the front of SmartAngle.
  • As soon as SmartAngle is seen on the the Bluetooth screen you can load the SmartAngle app.

App says "... not calibrated ..."

Calibration data for each SmartAngle is stored inside its memory after you complete the calibration procedure.

When the app first connects to SmartAngle it reads the calibration data into your phone/tablet so it can use it when calculating angles.

If, for whatever reason, the app cannot read the data it will display "SmartAngle is not calibated ...".

If you know that you have calibrated your SmartAngle, try closing down the app, make sure the LEDs have stopped flashing, then restart the app.

If, after a few attempts, it still displays the message, you will have to complete the calibration procedure again.

SmartAngle LEDs not flashing

Assuming you are starting with both LEDs not flashing:

  • Press the SmartAngle button.
  • The two LEDs should flash three times then the right hand LED should flash twice per second as it tries to connect to the app via Bluetooth.
  • If the LEDs do not flash: undo the three screws on the back of SmartAngle, remove the battery and refit it.
  • Press the button.
  • If the two LEDS still do not flash you will need to replace the CR2032 battery.
  • Check that the positive side of the battery is upwards.