SmartJointer: plans and code

SketchUp drawing

SketchUp is a very popular, free and easy-to-use 3D drawing package which may be downloaded from:

At first glance 3D CAD seems complicated and scary. However, with SketchUp you will be designing things within minutes and your skills will build as you need to use extra features.

To be honest, 3D CAD consists of making 3D solids and knocking holes in them - that's about it really! So, don't be fearful, give it a go, spend an evening on it - you will find it very rewarding.

Click on the image below to download a copy of the SmartJointer SketchUp file.

Important: this drawing is provided free of charge and in good faith. QUS is not responsibly for any errors (because there are bound to be some - we are human!) nor for any product made from it. We have to guard our backs (it's the nature of the world these days) so, you are welcome to the drawing and we wish you the very best of making a SmartJointer from it.

Download the SketchUp file from here or by clicking on the image below.


  • All dimensions are in mm.
  • Use the SketchUp measuring tool to show dimensions.
  • A full list of components is shown here.
  • The drawing was saved with SketchUp 14 so it should read OK in that version and all subsequent versions.

DXF files

Arduino source code


Send us a photo

We would love to see photos of any SmartJointer you build for yourself. Please send us an email with the photos as attachments.