Swing For Shooters: user guide

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Safety warning

  • Lasers can damage your eyesight.

    Never look into a laser. Never point a laser at anyone.

  • Keep small objects, especially batteries, away from young children.
  • Ensure your gun is unloaded before starting indoor practice.

You will need

  • Swing For Shooters - switched "Off".
  • USB cable (provided). You can find extension cables on ebay if you need one - just search for "usb extension cable".
  • A laptop or PC with a spare USB port.
  • WiFi access to the Internet.
  • A tape measure.
  • Two Post-It notes - or something to place on the wall. Mark the centre of each Post-It note or draw two diagonal lines so "X" marks the spot!

Stand-alone Swing For Shooters

Swing For Shooters can be used on its own - no wires, no PC - this makes it very handy for using anywhere at any time.

It comes with some pre-programmed demonstration targets which make it ideal for use when buying a new gun - take it with you to the gun dealers so you can practice your gun movement to see if the gun fits you.

The demonstration targets are also very handy for gun dealers to allow customers try out guns against real target trajectories.

When you use the Swing For Shooters app you can download a few of your most important targets to Swing For Shooters's memory so we can practice anywhere at any time.

Swing For Shooters uses this logic when it is switchd on:

  • Connected to the app on a PC or laptop?

    The app takes control.

  • Not connected: user targets in memory?

    Show those targets in sequence - with acoustic release to start each one.

  • Not connected: no user targets in memory?

    Show the demonstration targets that come with the system - with acoustic release to start each one.

First time use

  • Place Swing For Shooters in the normal location you will be using it - on a tripod or on a flat surface - check the bubble level to ensure it is level. The recommended distance of Swing For Shooters from the wall is about 1.5m.
  • Place a Post-It note on the wall directly in front of Swing For Shooters. Everything with Swing For Shooters is measured from the top centre of the bubble level.
  • Strand in your normal shooting position with your gun mounted and pointing horizonally directly in front of you. Place a Post-It note at this location on the wall
  • Use your laptop or PC to connect to the Internet to download and install the Swing For Shooters software from the Wordcraft web site.
  • Connect your Swing For Shooters to a USB port on your laptop.
  • Switch on Swing For Shooters.
  • Run the Swing For Shooters app (double click on the Swing For Shooters icon).

Power-on sequence

The red LED on Swing For Shooters will flash for 5 seconds while the app connects to it, the servo motors are returned to their straight ahead position and the theshold for the acoustic release is set.

The app will read the configuration you last used and any targets you previously downloaded..

Setting up the Swing For Shooters environment

Under development - available soon.