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Your privacy is ensured when you use our products because:

  • QUS does not not collect any personal information from the use of our apps.
  • Our apps do not upload any data to us or to any third party.

About us

Quite Useful Stuff (QUS) is located in the beautiful county of Derbyshire, England.

We developed one of the first microcomputer-based word processors - long before Microsoft Word became a twinkle in Bill Gate's eye.

We developed the first hardware to link digital typesetters to microcomputers and the first micro-based typesetting system that led the way from hot metal to digital typesetting.

We invented, and named, the dongle.

We were instrumental in the development of MFPs, Multi Functional Peripherals, offering printing, scanning, copying, facsimile and email transmission - with our software being used by almost all of the world's office equipment manufacturers under their own brand names.

We developed the world's most advanced clay shooting simulator, DryFire, which is in use wordwide by shooters from beginners to national, international, world and olympic champions. DryFire enables shooters to perfect their skills in the comfort of their own homes through repetitive practice (some users shoot hundreds of targets every evening) and with a level of accuracy and feedback that has to be seen to be believed.

We have developed products for the aero space industry and for the mobile phone industry.

We have developed systems in use worldwide in the fast-food industry.

Our list of developments is long and, we are pleased to say, most of them have sold extremely well.

Our business model is to develop new products and then work alongside selected business partners to sell those products worldwide.

Our areas of technical expertise

  • Software development for Windows PCs, Apple Macs/phones/tablets or Android phone/tablets.
  • Embedded firmware development on a wide range of microprocessors including PIC and Atmel AVR.
  • Digital image and audio processing.
  • Bluetooth and wifi technology - hardware and software.
  • Electronics development from ultra low power to mains operation.
  • Remote data sensing, logging, transmission, storage and analysis.

Some of our recent products


Click here for more details about SmartAngle.

SmartAngle has not yet been released and we are seeking business partners. Please see the Sales page for more details.

  • SmartAngle is a development of Quite Useful Stuff Ltd (QUS).
  • SmartAngle is a registered design of QUS.
  • The SmartAngle logo is a registered trademark of QUS.
  • "SmartAngle" is a registered trademark of QUS.
  • "SmartAngle: measure there, read here" is a registered trademark of QUS.
  • "SmartAngle: an extra hand when levelling" is a registered trademark of QUS.
  • "SmartAngle: at the heart of digital levelling" is a registered trademark of QUS.
  • SmartAngle firmware and software ("the SmartAngle app") are copyright by QUS.


Click here for more details about DryFire.

DryFire is the world's leading training system for clay shooters - and has recently been extended for use by rifle and pistol shooters.


Click here for more details about SmartProbe.

SmartProbe was developed for the fast food industry to assist in meeting regulatory requirements.


SmartMini was produced for the Arduino development market.