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You probably haven't heard of us but, under a variety of different names, we have been developing new electronic and software products for over 30 years and between us we have over 100 years' experience in this area.

Our business model is to develop new products and then work alongside selected business partners to sell those products worldwide - often under their own brand name.

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SmartAngle® - our latest product

SmartAngle is a Bluetooth level and inclinometer for use with Apple and Android phones and tablets.

Please click here for more details of SmartAngle.

Please click here for more details of projects using SmartAngle.

The photograph above shows SmartAngle in front of an Apple iPod running the free SmartAngle app.

SmartAngle featured in RCM&E aero modelling magazing, January 2018. The photo shows SmartAngle being used to measure the "throw" (angle of up/down movement) of a tailplane elevator.

Click here for more details about using SmartAngle in aero modelling.

SmartMini and SmartJointer

Our SmartMini boards were produced for the Arduino development market.